Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bulldogs Unveil New Logo, Uniforms

The Boston Bulldogs unveiled a new look just eight days after the 1982 Lewis Cup Finals ended. The 'Dogs new primary logo is a big departure from their more cartoonish-looking bulldog used since 1967 and bears more of a resemblance to the logo used from 1953-'67. The uniforms have been changed only slightly, with the stripes becoming wider and a greater emphasis on Red on the white home jersey. The paw print shoulder patches remain unchanged.

"As we move towards a very bright future in Bulldogs hockey, we really wanted the right look to go with our team's style of play" said team owner Don Walton, who took control of the team from his father in 1979. "This new bulldog is more aggressive and intimidating, it's more serious. That's what we want our team to be about."

Team captain Jeff Coleman, who's 17-year career with the Bulldogs now spanned three logos, offered his thoughts as well. "I like it, it looks scary, like he's ready to attack."

Walton also confirmed speculation that a red jersey was given strong consideration, but was rejected due to similarities to Boston's most hated rival. "It reminded us too much of Philly." said Walton. "Red is their color, black has always been ours, we hate that team, everything about them. The last thing we want is to look like them."

Speaking of the Redshirts, They are rumored to be looking into a new logo for the 1983-84 season.

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