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1983 Off-Season

1983 Entry Draft

The 1983 PHL Draft was another strong one thanks to another influx of European talent. Big defenseman Martin Denis was the first pick, going to Edmonton after a brilliant two-year junior career. Vancouver took the first European in the draft, selecting Swedish forward Karl Magnussen, while Detroit followed up with another Swede, Gustav Janssen. For the first time ever, two British players were selected as defenseman Brett Caldwell went to Seattle while forward Harry Hayes went to Nova Scotia. Hayes had been projected to be chosen high in the 1981 draft but temporarily retired from the game that season due to a family crises. Hayes returned to the Great Britain Hockey League for the 1982-83 season and finished third in scoring. California also created a stir selecting Czech goaltender Jaroslav Danek 21st. The Nuggets hope they can find a way to bring Danek over from Communist Czechoslovakia.

1.      Edmonton – Martin Denis, D, CAN
2.      Dallas – Joe Pickard, F, CAN
3.      Toronto – Jonathan Stafford, F, CAN
4.      Vancouver – Karl Magnussen, F, SWE
5.      Detroit – Gustav Janssen, D, SWE
6.      Winnipeg – Dwayne Gibbons, D, CAN
7.      New York – Darian Higgins, F, USA
8.      Philadelphia – Craig Collins, D, USA
9.      Calgary – Trevor Ramsey, F, CAN
10.   LA (from Quebec) – Kevin Trainor, F, CAN
11.   Boston – Dan Bridges, F, CAN
12.   Long Island – Alex Malmqvist, F, SWE
13.   LA – Ari Hannula, G, FIN
14.   Minnesota – Jimmy Mason, D, USA
15.   Seattle – Brett Caldwell, D, GB
16.   Denver – Mike Loach, F, USA
17.   Montreal – Sylvain Landry, F, CAN
18.   Ottawa – Patrick Bedard, D, CAN
19.   Washington – Patrick Marsh, D, CAN
20.   Vancouver (from St. Louis) – Danny Crawford, D, USA
21.   California - Jaroslav Danek, G, CZE
22.   Nova Scotia – Harry Hayes, F, GB
23.   Pittsburgh – Rick Ball, D, CAN
24.   Chicago – Raymond Barnes, F, CAN

Notable Retirements:

Theo Howell, F, CHI, LA, 1968-1983
After eight mediocre seasons in Chicago, Howell was dealt to the LA Wizards, where he played an important supporting role to the Wizards star-studded core. Howell won two Lewis Cups with LA in 1977 and ’78.

Earl Sherman, D, DET, OTT, 1966-1983
Earl Sherman may have missed out on a dynasty, but in the end it gave him the opportunity to play a much bigger role and solidify himself as one of the all-time greatest defensive defensemen. Sherman won the Lewis Cup with Detroit in 1969, but was traded to Ottawa just weeks later. The Mustangs went on to win three more cups during the ‘70s while Sherman and the Beavers never quite got it done despite reaching the finals in 1977. Sherman was seen as a leader in Ottawa and retired as the all-time franchise leader in plus/minus.

Andy Poole, G, QUE, 1966-1983
Andy Poole retired after 17 PHL seasons, all with Quebec. Despite the Nationale’s struggles during his career, Poole was often the lone bright spot. However he was unable to shake an unfortunate pattern that would define his career, nearly every time Quebec did have success, it was with a different man in net, as David Zimmer led the Nationale to the finals in 1970 while rookie John Gage backstopped Quebec to the Eastern Conference Finals in 1982. Still hungry for the Lewis Cup, Poole plans to pursue a second hockey career either as a coach or GM.


Dallas trades F Glenn Hammond to Montreal in exchange for G Scott Daffney.
The Metros hope Daffney will be their franchise goalie someday while Montreal adds some youth to their aging forward core with Hammond.

LA trades G Dennis Carter to Quebec in exchange for tenth overall draft pick.
With Carter’s prime well behind him, the three-time Lewis Cup champion will be a quality backup and mentor to Jon Gage. LA uses the pick to select Kevin Trainor, a junior hockey star who should be able to play immediately.

Vancouver trades D Dennis Beck to St. Louis in exchange for 20th overall draft pick
Dennis Beck is traded for the second time in less than a year. After coming to Vancouver from Montreal, Beck moves on to St. Louis to strengthen their defensive depth. Vancouver uses the 20th pick to select big American defenseman Danny Crawford.

Dallas Metros owner Del West raised some eyebrows in early June when he declared his struggling team was in deep financial trouble. Both West and PHL president Alan Garcia gave Metros fans an ultimatum that if attendance did not pick up, the team was in danger of relocation. “We have already received much interest from different cities in acquiring the Metros.” Said Garcia. “At this time our focus is on trying to keep the club in Dallas but that may change if we don’t see improvement.” It is rumored that Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Cleveland could be possible destinations should the Metros leave Texas.

In other news, the city of Winnipeg approved plans for a new 18,000 seat arena that will be the new home of the Pioneers beginning in the fall of 1985. The Pioneers have been playing in the Royal Auditorium, built in 1926, since the team was founded.

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