Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bulldogs Unveil New Look

The Boston Bulldogs will open the 1991-92 season with an updated look. The classic color scheme of Black, Red, and White will remain, as will the same basic dog face found on all the previous uniforms in the team's history, but with a few changes. The Dog's face has been updated to look more aggressive and intimidating. Changes have also been made to the striping design on the uniforms. The secondary "pawprint" logo has also been updated, but will still appear only on the right shoulder of the jerseys, as per team tradition. "We felt we could use an update, this new look is sleek and intimidating and I think it reflects our hockey club very well" said GM Bob Canton.

Though Boston is the only team making changes in 1991, it has been reported that two teams will make major changes to their identities in the summer of 1992.

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