Thursday, June 15, 2017

1994-95 Uniform Updates

The look of the PHL continued it's rapid transformation in 1994. Three teams made changes to their identities, with two of those teams introducing entirely new logos and uniforms. The Long Island Concordes were the first team to unveil their new look. The new primary logo features a much more detailed jet than it's predecessor in the new team colors of teal, purple, orange, and black. The secondary logo features a set of pilot wings stylized to look like a seagull. The team will wear teal uniforms on the road and white at home with both jerseys featuring a sublimated design on the bottom that resembles jets flying through the air. "We felt it was time to update our look and we really wanted a look that connects well with our community and our fanbase" said team owner Ed Jeffreys.

The Pittsburgh Stingers also overhauled their look, abandoning the basic, overhead image of a bee used since their GHL days for a more dynamic and aggressive logo featuring a bee brandishing a hockey stick. The team retains their classic color scheme of black, gold and white, but made significant changes to the design of their jerseys. 

The Milwaukee Choppers made the fewest changes to their look, slightly adjusting the shade of orange while adding a silver and black outline to the primary logo. The team also added a secondary logo featuring a skull placed inside a flaming shield similar to the one used in the team's main logo. The biggest changes were made to the uniforms, with a large dose of silver now added to accompany the black and orange, while the waist stripes have been made to resemble the lines on a highway.

Finally, the league made a fairly big announcement in July, 1994. A new program would allow teams to introduce new alternate or "third" jerseys beginning in the 1994-95 season in addition to their standard home and away uniforms. The jerseys could be worn 1-5 times each season and would provide teams with an opportunity to experiment with new designs. Any team that has not made significant changes to their uniform for at least two full seasons can introduce a third jersey. The first five teams unveiled alternates in 1994. The Boston Bulldogs will wear a red jersey that had been considered as their new away jersey when the team made changes in 1991, The St. Louis Spirits will wear a second white jersey featuring the gateway arch with their primary logo appearing to fly through it, The California Nuggets unveiled a new teal jersey featuring a wrap-around logo design around the chest, Minnesota will use a black uniform featuring a 3D-looking version of their classic saw logo with a sublimated tree design at the waist, and finally, Kansas City will wear blue jerseys with their tornado logo appearing to stir up "debris". "These uniforms are definitely not like anything PHL fans have seen before" said the league's director of marketing Jim Rudd. "This is an opportunity for our teams to think outside the box a little bit and I think the fans will really enjoy it."

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