Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2001 Expansion Draft Results

The 2001 Expansion draft took place on June 27, 2001. Teams were allowed to protect one goalie, three defensemen, and five forwards. Once a team lost a player, it could not lose another. Because there were 28 teams to pick from, not every team would lose players. Dallas and Minnesota both got through the draft with their rosters fully intact. As for the Expansion teams, Portland went with a lot of proven veterans, stocking their roster with familiar names like Jason Lind, Kyle Boone, and Scott Whitmore. Atlanta focused more on youth, selecting talented young Redshirts goaltender Ben Kerrigan in what was regarded as the biggest steal of the draft, as well as other solid young players like Eric Thorn and Jordan O'Reilly.

G – Bradley Pope, OAK
G – Jason Lind, KC
D – Karl Magnusson, NYC
D – Jason McGinnis, BOS
D – Gordon Quincey, MTL
D – Toivu Niskala, TOR
F – Kyle Boone, CHI
F – Brett Wilson, CLE
F – Troy Dowdy, QUE
F – Todd Becker, STL
F – Jason Whitaker, WPG
F – Scott Whitmore, WSH

G – Ben Kerrigan, PHI
G – Jim Cochran, LA
D – Jason Driscoll, SEA
D – Jordan O’Reilly, EDM
D – Greg Cote, NOS
D – Patrick Gagnon, PIT
F – Alyn Bryant, CAR
F – Eric Thorn, DET
F – Jason Murphy, MIA
F – Niklas Jonsson, LI
F – Chris Falkner, DEN
F – Marc Brunelle, MIL

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