Monday, January 15, 2018

Concordes Unveil New Look

Just days after the Philadelphia Redshirts took home the Lewis Cup, the Long Island Concordes unveiled a new uniform set for the 2001-02 season. The color scheme has now changed from teal, orange, and purple to navy, orange, and silver. The logo from the Concordes third jersey has now been promoted to primary status and has been updated in the new colors. "The teal and purple was fun but I think we all soured on it because we just didn't have much success in it" said owner and founder Ed Jeffereys. "We wanted to get back to the success we had in the past so we've put a new spin on the original colors. I think it looks good myself." The new jerseys also earned praise from none other than "Captain Concorde" himself, Stuart Burns, who was named the team's vice president in the spring. "It's a cool look" said Burns. "I just hope it's a winning one."

In addition to Long Island's new threads, two teams also introduced new alternate uniforms for the upcoming season, while one team announced they would be dropping theirs. The Calgary Wranglers decided to go with just the home white and road black, while Seattle and St. Louis both unveiled new third jerseys. The Grey Wolves unveiled a black jersey featuring the wolf's head from the secondary logo, while the Spirits introduced a new color, sky blue, to their scheme on a uniform featuring their tertiary logo. The logo had previously been featured exclusively on t-shirts, hats and other merchandise, but proved popular with fans, convincing team management to create a jersey with it.


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